Why is Local Currency important?

One of the greatest challenges your merchant members face is competing with National Brands. National Brands spend millions of dollars on marketing to get customers into their stores.

A key part of their marketing strategy is making it easy for consumers and businesses to purchase their gift cards. They offer discounts up to 40% to have their gift-cards sold on-line or at thousands of in-store kiosks.

The National Brands know that 66% of people spend more than face value of the gift-card. On average people spend $46 when they use a $25 gift card. National Brands discount their gift cards, because they know they’ll make up the margin with additional sales.

A vibrant local currency program puts your local merchants on a level playing field with the National Brands, allowing them to be the beneficiary of the tremendous amount of employee recognition that occurs in every community.

Conpoto provides your organization all of the tools necessary to deploy a local currency program in your community that drives more business to your merchants, enables a new and innovative employee recognition option for your employers, and allows you to realize significant value with new members, and increased non-dues revenue. It’s a win-win-win for your community!

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Jane Clark, President
West Coast Chamber

Boyd Feltman, Peachwave Yogurt CEO
West Coast Cash Merchant

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Detroit Regional Chamber executive sets $10 million goal for boosting local sales

Options“With Conpoto’s gifting platform, we have built a local gift card program that efficiently connects the Chamber’s large employer base with the many interesting and unique local Detroit merchants. By making one gift certificate redeemable at a whole network of different types of local merchants, we have truly made it easy to gift Detroit.”

Dune Dollars goes digital to promote buy local

Options“Our large employers are looking for unique and convenient ways to recognize and reward their employees. The ease of the buying Dune Dollars from our web-site will be embraced by our community.”


Your organization spreads the word to members and other local business, encouraging them to participate.


You install our easy turn-key ordering process on your organization’s website. Now you’re ready to go!


We provide comprehensive data and analytics so you can track the success of your program at every stage.

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