We specialize in digital gift certificates. Gift certificates that can be purchase online, used from a mobile device or even printed off. Gift certificates that can be branded however you choose. Gift certificate technology with tracking and real-time data. Technology that makes fundraising easy. Gift certificates that make it easier than ever to buy local.

And we believe in living local. In not just buying local, but also playing and eating local.  In local communities and the organizations that do business in and support those communities.  We believe in local.

Choose from either option below to learn more about our gift certificate platforms.


A digital gift certificate that your customers can purchase online or by walking into your store. Technology that allows you to track purchases and redemptions in real time. A platform that makes fundraising easy to manage. Digital gift certificates that save you time and money. Have a current gift certificate program? Conpoto’s gift certificates will complement your current program.


A digital gift certificate program that supports your organization, your local merchants, and your community as a whole. Technology that allows your organization to track purchases and redemptions in real time. A digital program that can run 24/7 and without staff time. A closed loop platform that ensures money stays in your community.