Tips for small business marketing

No matter the industry, you need marketing.

But marketing these days is more subtle and requires much more of a focus on the long-game. When we refer to long-game, we’re not talking about business goals for your next decade. We mean taking the time to establish relationships with your customers over time.

It’s not quick. It doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a romance involved.

Here are 10 easy ideas for your marketing strategy that you need to consider if you want to build stronger relationships with customers for greater end revenue.


10 Easy Small Business Marketing Ideas

These ideas are only the beginning. Use them to start conversations. Remember, you aren’t the Easter Bunny. You never want to drop these marketing “eggs” and run. Instead, you want to plant these seeds and cultivate them for greater growth. You need:

  1. Regular social media posts on platforms where your ideal customers hang out.
  2. Blog posts about topics your audience cares about.
  3. Lengthy articles and guides, especially if your product or service is complicated or there are multiple steps for your customers to be successful. This also works if customers have expressed an interest in an area or you receive lots of questions on it.
  4. To participate in local business marketing programs such as Small Business Saturday, a farmer’s market, a local currency program, or a chamber of commerce function showcasing buy local.
  5. Weekly or monthly newsletters aimed at helping your audience with something they’re struggling with or interested in.
  6. Coupons and deals and other email or direct mail marketing ideas.
  7. To answer questions on Quora or social media groups.
  8. To guest blog on industry influencer’s sites.
  9. To attend Meetups and/or chamber meetings to get to know people in your ideal client demographic.
  10. A podcast about something related to your business but not strictly about it. For instance, if you own a restaurant don’t do a podcast about your restaurant and the hours you’re open. Boring. Instead, do something around it such as food and drink pairings, customer stories, or the adventures of sourcing local food.

No matter which marketing activities you partake in, you always want to make sure they are geared to your ideal audience. Test a few if you’re not sure. Which of them convert to the highest sales? Finally, always look for ways to establish relationships. Word of mouth marketing is still the strongest out there.