Business growth is essential to remain profitable but in some markets, that’s becoming harder and harder to do. It’s likely if you have a small business you don’t have the time to explore new types of customers. You’re likely focused on retaining the ones you have and marketing to the ones you know that need you. So how can you grow your business without all the additional new markets analysis? Try these three opportunities:


Talk to the Chamber

Your local chamber of commerce likely has a number of ideas for you from networking to advertising, sponsorship to mentoring. They may also have a local currency program that can help you gain a new audience as one of their participating merchants.


Listen on Social Media

Many companies are worried about a constant posting stream in their social media accounts. You can grow your business by becoming someone people know, like, and trust through interactions on social media. But you can also grow it through listening. The Del Mar Racetrack in California listened actively on social media for people who were talking about visiting their area. When they heard someone planning a trip, they invited them to their track and told them of events going on during their stay. Nothing like a personalized invitation to get people excited about your business.


Nurture Prospects

Have you noticed that almost every business website has a newsletter or sign-up these days? There’s a reason for that. Communication. People spend very little time on your website. If they’re not ready to buy at that moment that they land, you may miss an opportunity to sell to them. That’s why so many businesses (and business professionals) are creating email lists and asking those interested to share their email. Some do it in exchange for discounts. Others want valuable information. However you get people to sign up, it’s important you do. Staying in contact can keep you top of mind.


If 2019 is your year for growth, you need to start leveraging those connection tools. Our tools may have changed but it’s still all about the connections.