Here at Conpoto, we like to think that local currency sells itself but we know that sometimes it’s just about finding the right person in order to make that happen. Chambers often focus on members. Main Street organizations try to market within their area businesses. Schools may decide to sell local currency. There are a lot of different approaches.

Plus, you can’t beat local currency as a gift for pretty much everyone.

But there is a market you may not have considered yet.


A New Group to Focus On for Local Currency

You know who’s really excited about your area and local business?

People who are new to town!

They’ve just moved to your region and are likely very excited to find out what there is to do and experience in town. Local currency, along with a list of participating vendors can give them a thrilling new “challenge” to visit the list of merchants.

So how do you make sure they know about you and the local currency program? Try these ways to get in front of them.

  • Give away $5 local currency for people new to the area (you could partner with the city to alert you to new accounts). This might be cost-prohibitive if you have a lot of people moving to your area. If that’s the case, think of another offer that may be more appealing to your wallet, maybe a buy one and get a discount on a second certificate.
  • Contact real estate firms and ask if you can place information in the swag bag they give away to new home buyers.
  • Reach out to your economic development group or travel and tourism. These groups usually have a tab on their websites for people who want information about living in your town. See if you can add your contact information and an offer in their mailing.

These are just a few ideas on how you can approach new people in town. However you get in front of them, it’s important that you don’t immediately come across as salesy. You want to welcome them and be a source of helpful information. One of the helpful things you’re trying to do is introduce them to the area businesses and local currency is an excellent way to do this. But the help will be negated if you come off as trying to sell currency first and foremost.

Be helpful first and then suggest the benefits behind your program.