Conpoto was founded in 2011 as a way to send gifts and gift certificates online to friends, employees, clients and other people you want to like you. After much work with local Chambers and retailers, we launched our Community Currency, a whole new way to send gifts from local businesses. After realizing the potential for non-profits to use our program to increase revenue and fundraises for specific programs, we began working with schools with our Local Scrip Community Currency.

Conpoto is a cloud-based Community Currency software built for Chambers of Commerce membership organizations to fuel their local economies. It’s a Local Scrip Currency that helps schools fundraise.

But, what does that mean, exactly?

The Conpoto technology drives local spending and serves as the foundation for buy local campaigns in communities around the country. We offer it exclusively to organizations that are enhancing the economic vitality of their areas. The technology helps schools the burden of cost for parents.

With our technology, Chambers of Commerce can create a Community Currency program, offering gift certificates that can be spent at participatory merchants throughout their community. Schools can offer students new extra curricular activities and better equipment. With Conpoto’s local currency portal, everyone wins – businesses, merchants, schools, students and the community.

Sound simple? That’s because it is. The technology is easily deployed and even easier to use, so we encourage you to learn more.

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The Conpoto Team

Matt Lepard



Matt, our Chief Executive Officer, founded Conpoto in 2011. He also founded Pi Optima, Inc. and was the General Manager and minority partner of EST Testing Solutions, an automotive and aerospace laboratory. He is responsible for sales and investor relations.

Andy Bass



Andy joined Conpoto in 2012 as the Chief Technology Officer. He was formerly co-founder and Vice President of Technology for LeanLogistics, Inc. He is responsible for technology development and infrastructure.

Evan Creswell

Director of Business Development


Evan, our Director of Business Development, joined Conpoto in 2015 after a year at the Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce as the Director of First Impressions. She is responsible for sales and customer operations.