The crux of content marketing is that you become a resource for your ideal audience. You provide them with things that are helpful to them in their buyer’s journey, in enjoying your product or service, or in life.

Michelin Tires created the Michelin Guide that provided drivers advice on finding good restaurants (as they drove around on their new reliable tires). John Deere published a magazine that featured articles that helped farmers with the business side of farming.


The Power of Content Marketing

Creating resources for your ideal client may seem like a bit of a pain or something you simply don’t have the time to do. However, it can become a powerful differentiator for you. You provide free help on a pain point that your audience has and they’ll appreciate and remember you. It becomes a matter of the proverbial quid pro quo.

But how do you know what to do and what will be helpful?


The New Angle for Business Communications

In today’s business world, you need a strong differentiator. You don’t want it to be price or you will be cutting into your revenue as you have a price war with a company like yours. Service is a good idea but everyone thinks they have good service. Passion for the industry you serve, pride in a family business, your word and reputation…all of these things could be attributed to hundreds of businesses, not just yours.

The angle you need is to solve real problems facing your customers. Do your research. Poll them if you have to. If you can find out what their stress point is you can better understand the resource you can provide in order to help them.

For instance, let’s say your ideal customer is a busy parent. What they need more than anything is time or a more efficient way of doing something. You may not be able to give them more hours in the day or watch their children for them so they can have a night out, but you can create something that makes one of their daily activities easier or to help streamline a decision they need to make. They will appreciate you helping them.

If you become a resource for your customer, they will turn to you often. It also keeps them loyal because they know they can’t get the type of assistance you provide them with elsewhere.