Are your employees engaged?

Last week we passed the most popular day out of the year to look for a new job. No, really. At least according to Monster.

With the holidays and busy end of year, not to mention that most companies aren’t pushing hiring as a main objective at that time either, people aren’t job searching. Like any good resolution, most people put career happiness on the January list of things to do.

There’s another reason workers look for new jobs in the new year. It’s the same reason why many people wake up disappointed on February 15th. Their expectations weren’t met. If your employees were expecting an end of year bonus, or financial goals weren’t met, many see these as reasons to look elsewhere.

Make Your Employees Feel Valued

While an end-of-year bonus is a nice idea, many employees see very little of it when it’s rolled into their paychecks. It can feel like a couple of extra bucks, which in the long run has very little meaning to them. It also comes out at the wrong time to have much effect on their budgets. Holiday times are often a time spent overspending and the extra money goes into bill paying. The employee gets very little enjoyment out of it.

A local gift certificate, on the other hand, is felt and appreciated. It doesn’t get used for paying bills, and it doesn’t get signed over to Uncle Sam. It’s something that can be used not only for an item or service but because you’re also giving the gift of local, the employee has the ability to use it to enjoy his or her local town. It’s perfect for a restaurant they’ve been wanting to try or some time to be pampered at a spa or beauty salon.

According to Career Builder, 30% of employees expect to have a new job in 2017. Employees leave for a number of reasons including not getting along with management and having no advancement potential. Those issues take lots of work and big changes at your company to address. However, the third most popular reason to leave is not feeling appreciated. Don’t let this be the cause that forces your employees to leave.