Are you up on these important Facebook changes for small business?

If you’re a small business that uses Facebook there are a few new features you should know about. If you’re not using Facebook, put down your coffee and go build a business page.


Facebook Changes Affecting Small Business

Have you noticed some extra features available on your Facebook business page? If not, you need to go log on now.

You should see their new small business product bundle, which launched at the beginning of May. If you haven’t noticed, here’s what’s included:


With appointments, customers can click a “book now” button to schedule an appointment. The business can manage customer info from the page. There are reminder capabilities in this feature and appointments can be made for free. They rolled out the same functionality on Instagram as well.


Video Tools

There are a couple of handy video tools that were introduced. One allows users to crop videos automatically by choosing an aspect ratio that they want in their ads. The second is a manual trimming tool. If your video is too long, or you want to edit out a portion of it, you can go in and trim it. The final video tool allows for overlays and text to be added easily to videos.

Automated Ads

These ads were designed by Facebook and Instagram for small businesses that didn’t have the time to invest in campaigns. The business selects one of six images from their Facebook or Instagram page, they select their business goal for the ad, and the target market. Facebook provides a recommended marketing plan and ongoing optimization. This is social media advertising made easy.


So what do you think about the new additions to Facebook targeted at small businesses? Will you try any of them? Which one is your favorite? Leave us a comment and let us know if you’ve tried any of them.