Chambers of Commerce, downtown development associations, and other main street communities play an important role in nurturing and growing local economies, advocating for businesses and fostering strong communities. And they’ve been doing it for more than two centuries. Their job is equally critical today, as local businesses increasingly compete on a global scale. Conpoto can help, with cloud-based technology that makes shopping local more popular by making it more convenient and accessible.

When gifting to employees, a business will often choose gift cards from national retailers, because it’s easy – and as a result, small local merchants lose out. But what if there were gift certificates good not just for one local store, but a whole community?

That’s what Conpoto’s Community Gift Certificate Platform technology is all about: helping your organization keep more money in your community.




Your community will visit your website to purchase your local currency. The funds are deposited directly into YOUR bank account – you control the funds, and the certificates are delivered immediately via email.
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Your Certificate

Each certificate is customized with your brand, instructions, and list of participating merchants. The certificate also contains up to 15 ad/sponsorship slots that you can sell to your merchants.


Recipients bring their certificates into a participating merchant, and use them when paying for goods or services. Then, merchants use our free smartphone app or merchant website to validate the certificate – faster than processing a credit card!

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Chamber Analytics

Community Data

You have complete and real-time access to all data related to the program: who is buying, who is redeeming, which merchants are seeing the greatest value, and most of all – how much currency is still available in the community to spend. This data becomes a powerful recruitment and retention tool.

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Conpoto’s Gift Certificate Platform technology gives you:

Simplicity: Our turn-key technology fits seamlessly into day-to-day operations for both organizations and merchants. With both a web-based portal and mobile apps, your community gift certificate program practically runs itself.

Value: Businesses want to reward employees with gifts from local retailers. Conpoto makes it easy for them to buy local.

Control: Conpoto handles technology, not money—that stays in your bank account. Chambers of Commerce and other membership organizations can account for every penny in the process at all times, and certificates cannot be reused.

Analytics: Who bought the gift certificate? When and where did they spend it? What’s the balance on it? You’ll have access to all this data, all the time.

Growth: You’ll gain more revenue, more value for your merchants and more marketing opportunities for your organization.

More local business: Community Gift Certificate Platform drives business and revenue to Main Street retailers by making it easier than ever to buy local.