Merchants spend so much time fulfilling gift card orders, especially during the holidays, that they have two options. One – write out the certificates during the day and perhaps miss out on helping a customer make a purchase. Two – spend your downtime fulfilling the orders and miss out on your free time.

With our technology, we can help you offer gift cards online and in person without any fulfillment needed. Our platform makes it easy for you and convenient for all your customers. It’s just like your chamber’s community currency program!

Merchant Currency is an electronic gift certificate that is purchased online or in your store without any fulfillment on your part. It’s also easy for purchasers. Certificates can be emailed directly to the recipient, or printed and hand delivered to the intended party.
Merchant Currency is simple for you to validate; using technology you already have – either a smart phone or a computer. You also login to the same portal you currently use for the community currency platform.
Merchant Currency is easy for your staff to manage. You have full access to track usage, manage recipients, and view real-time data – all from a simple dashboard. The best part – the program runs without staff time or fulfillment time.

Merchant Currency is secure. Conpoto manages technology, not money. That stays in your bank account.

Merchant Currency is affordable and can be configured to meet your needs and budget.

You can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without adding any extra
burdens to your and your staff!

Conpoto will be there with full tech support for you and your purchasers.