The digital gift certificate platform that saves you time and money. It’s easy for you, your staff and convenient for your customers. Conpoto’s technology complements your current program to help you and your customers.

Automate and manager all your promotions under one platform. Let Conpoto’s technology run and track the promotions, while you and your staff continue to run the day to day operations of your organization. It’s effortless for you, and a breeze for your customers.

Conpoto’s technology makes selling gift certificates and managing all your promotions easier than ever.




The Merchant Gift Certificates platform is fully automated. You can sell certificates online 24/7, without any fulfillment needed by your or your staff. If people purchase in store, you can print certificates on demand. It’s easy to use, easy for your customers…and did we mention that you don’t have to fulfill each and every order?
With Conpoto’s technology, your organization can manage all of your promotions in once place. You are always being asked for donations, help with fundraiser, and discounts on bulk purchases. With Conpoto’s technology, all of your promotions can be setup, run, and managed within your membership portal. Once setup, your promotions run without any additional staff time. Making it easier than ever to support your community as they support you.
Does your organization have an existing gift certificate program? Conpoto’s technology will complement your current program, allowing you to meet the needs of every customer.
Don’t have an existing gift certificate platform? With Conpoto’s Merchant Gift Certificate program, you can sell certificates on demand and in store, and online.

How Does It Work?