8 reasons you need to adopt local currency in your community

The day after Black Friday is Small Business Saturday where shoppers are encouraged to support small businesses. This is a great way to bring recognition and revenue to the underdog but it’s not enough.

Starting a local currency program in your community is another way to bolster support for small business and so much more. Here’s what it can do for your town and businesses.


8 Reasons to Adopt a Local Currency Program

In addition to it being a concrete, visible way to show support for small business, a local currency program:

  1. Gives your town a special touch. It has its own money! How cool is that? You can pick out a name for your currency that fits your town and brand it accordingly.
  2. Creates a program that places your organization in a beneficial light with local merchants. You’re giving them checks for the money/customers that you have driven their way.
  3. Helps you give local merchants the ability to accept gift certificates without the administrative headache.
  4. Gives people an easy, flexible alternative to store-specific gift cards.
  5. Provides another program and reason to approach local merchants by giving them something they want–more customers.
  6. Helps large employers be a part of supporting local as they can give local currency gift certificates to employees for a job well done. This cuts down on the “small vs. large” mentality that can incapacitate some chambers and business organizations.
  7. Encourages exploration of new businesses. Participating merchants can be featured on a list and online so it becomes another source of advertising for them. Some local currency buyers may try new businesses because of their currency purchase.
  8. Can be used to encourage upsells and specials. Most people spend more than their gift certificate is worth. A local currency program will bring consumers in and businesses are then free to upsell them and build a loyal customer out of them.

There are so many reasons to adopt local currency for your town. It’s easy to implement and is a great branding opportunity for the community and the businesses. Contact us today to find out more about local currency.