It keeps more money circulating within your community. It enables your organization to increase revenue, which means you can spend more within your community. It supports your local merchants, which means they’ll hire more employees and encourage new merchants to open. It helps build your community’s unique brand, which encourages tourism and shopping. It decreases the cost to the environment by being purchased online, which in turn decreases inventory, printing and staff costs. Which means that you’ll be able to spend more at your merchants, who can then hire more employees, which helps create your community’s brand.

Conpoto provides your organization all of the tools necessary to deploy a local currency program in your community that increase your revenue, drives more business to your community’s merchants and enables a new and innovative employee recognition option for local employers. It’s a win-win-win for your community!

Increase Your Organization’s Revenue 

You receive a portion of the funds. It’s that simple. Conpoto’s program let’s you control the money. And when it’s yours, you choose to redistribute it. Investing in new equipment for the office. Putting it towards the high school’s annual study abroad trip. Using it to increase the number of animals you can shelter.

The cool part? It’s your brand. You name it. You create a logo for it. Conpoto offers you the software, and you create the ‘hardware’.

Support Your Local Merchants

One of the greatest challenges local merchants face is competing with National Brands. National Brands spend millions of dollars on marketing to get customers into their stores. Local merchants simply cannot afford this sort of marketing plan. A key part of a National Brand’s marketing strategy is making it easy for consumers and businesses to purchase their gift cards.

A vibrant local currency program through Conpoto puts your local merchants on a level playing field with the National Brands, allowing them to be the beneficiary of the purchases from the three main purchasers – the general community, employers and non-profits.  It’s easy to purchase, easy to validate and each certificate is another piece of advertising for the merchant.

Build Your Community’s Brand

We all know shopping local is not just good, but great. But why? Because it’s all connected. If an organization does well, their employees do well. If employees do well, the local merchant’s they spend money at do well. If local merchants do well…well you get the picture. And when the community does well, it attracts more people and more companies. And so the circle never ends.

And through this process, your community builds it’s own brand. It’s own style and reputation. Whether it’s a community built on Dutch roots like Holland, Michigan. Where tradition meets modern in Ashland, Ohio. Or in Ozark, Mississippi, where Mayberry meets Mainstream. A local currency program helps support what makes your community your community.

Decrease The Environmental Cost

Shopping local is better for the environment. Local typically means that there’s a reduction in waste from packaging, transportation and processing. Here’s why: Transportation of goods is decreased and therefore pollution emissions are decreased. Fuel use is decreased.  Buying locally made food means there’s less plastic used in packaging and prevention of spoiling. Most local business is centered in a specific area, decreasing the need to travel and decreasing pollution.

And with Conpoto, it’s all done online. Which means there isn’t any inventory, there’s no transportation, no processing, and no packing. And, unless a recipient chooses to print their currency, there’s no waste.


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